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Free Economy

A special place in the media space. An authoritative magazine for authoritative people who make decisions in the economic sphere. Interviews, news and analytics published in print version of the magazine as well as numerous additional materials are available at

Conversations about Economy

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Publications of the Moscow Academic Economic Forum (MAEF)

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Scientific Works

Том 35-1/2002
Том 35-2/2002
Том 55/2005
Том 39/2014
Том 40/2015
Том 41-1/2015
Том 41-2/2015
Том 42-1/2016
Том 42-2/2016
Том 42-3/2016
Том 43/2016
Том 44/2016
Том 45/2016
Том 46/2017

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